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  • Anderson SDA 2: Guest Speakers

    Date Title Presenter
    2016-07-02 The Stone Ezel Uriel Belboda Play
    2016-03-26 Spending time wit... Reinhard Gottke Play
    2016-03-12 Have you been Fis... Jim Castillo Play
  • Official Anderson SDA Church ...

    Date Title Presenter
    2017-07-08 Overcoming Ceases Murray Miller Play
    2017-07-01 Who Am I? Ron Elliott Play
    2017-06-24 The Bridegroom Comes Murray Miller Play
  • Pastor Terry Mason's Sermons

    Listen to sermons by Pastor Terry Mason,

    Date Title Presenter
    2014-02-25 02-23-13-Rom_5.mp3 Play
    2013-03-22 The Righteousness... Terry Mason Play
    2013-03-15 No Comdemnation Terry Mason Play
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